Why Roof Cleaning is a good idea in Farnborough – 5 Reasons

Why Roof Cleaning is a good idea in Farnborough - 5 Reasons

July 13, 2022

Roof cleaning can help eliminate substances like algae and improve curb appeal, prevent damage, increase lifespan, and keep the roof energy efficient. You should also clean your roof since it is cheaper than replacing it and can increase property value.

If you are a homeowner in Farnborough, you have probably heard about roof cleaning professionals. You should call them if your roof is not in great condition. Cleaning your home’s roof is a great idea in Farnborough for the following reasons.

Eliminate different substances

Most people pay attention to the interior of their homes and forget the exterior. This should not be the case since a dirty roof tends to ruin curb appeal. You should ensure that you pay attention to roof cleaning since it can help you get rid of dirt and other substances.

The roof is exposed to natural elements like moss, fungus, and algae, which lead to black stains and green spots. When it rains, trees surrounding your home can cause some areas on the roof to retain dampness, encouraging the growth of such organisms.

Experts in Farnborough recommend cleaning the roof at least twice a year to eliminate such substances. When you do this, you can keep the roof looking its best and improve curb appeal. If you want to sell the house in the future, you should clean the roof since this can affect its value. A dirty roof is not appealing to potential buyers. 

Prevent damage and extend its lifespan

Algae and lichen not only make the roof of a home look dull, but they can damage it. When such substances stay on the roof for long, they start destroying the protective qualities of the material. Algae may start eating through the tiles leading to rotting. When wood roots, it tends to attract animals.

A roof that is not cared for is also prone to moss growth which can make the edges of the shingles curl in a certain direction. When they curl upwards, they can easily blow off the roof during windy conditions. Since cleaning the roof helps get rid of such substances, it can prevent them from damage. A roof that is well cared for is less likely to experience wood rot or shingle damage. You should therefore consider cleaning the roof since this can extend its lifespan.

It can keep it energy efficient

A newly installed roof with tiles is energy efficient. It acts as a barrier between the indoors and the outdoors. You can retain the energy efficiency of the roof by taking care of it. Regular roof cleaning is a great place to start.

By cleaning the roof, you can keep it streak-free so that it can reflect more light. This can prevent the house from getting too hot, especially during summer. Therefore, you don’t have to keep running the air conditioner. This can, in turn, save you some cash. 

It is cheaper than replacing it

One of the things that intimidate some homeowners from hiring roof cleaning services in Farnborough is the cost. Many people assume that this professional roof cleaning is quite expensive. This is, however, not as expensive as replacing the roof. Since professionals use different techniques in cleaning roofs, you can choose a method that will not cost you so much.

It is better to pay professional roof cleaners earlier than to leave natural elements on the roof for so long since you may end up paying more to have the roof replaced. The average cost of replacing a roof in Farnborough is around $10,000, while the average cost of professional roof cleaning is around $500.

This can make you more knowledgeable.

When you pay a professional to clean the roof, they can help you gain more knowledge regarding the state of your roof. Such experts take their time to inspect the roof for any signs of damage. They can help you discover problems with the roof early enough so that you don’t incur expensive repairs.

The benefits of cleaning the roof The challenges of cleaning the roof
Cleaning the roof can eliminate elements such as moss, algae, or fungus that can damage it. Cleaning the roof with household tools could dislodge the small particles that coat shingles. That is why you should leave this job to the professionals.
It helps get rid of dirt and improves curb appeal Pressure washing is a risk during roof cleaning since this can also damage the surface tiles.
Cleaning the roof can also make it more energy efficient for longer

It is also more affordable than replacing the roof.

Utilizing a pressure washer to clean the roof can also void the roof warranty

DIY roof cleaning is risky when you don’t use the right equipment since it can lead to accidents

Hiring professional roof cleaners can help you learn more about the state of your roof. You may end up hiring a roof cleaner that may not offer do not deliver a great job. The lack of working with professional cleaners can lead to more damage to the roof.


Every homeowner in Farnborough should pay attention to roof cleaning since it can help one protect their investment. Cleaning the roof has a lot of benefits, such as improving curb appeal, eliminating dirt and fungus, and keeping it more energy efficient. Rather than doing it yourself, you should consider hiring professional roof cleaners that have experience with this. Take your time to compare different companies to choose one that can deliver excellent results.


Can growth patches and stains caused by moss and algae damage a roof?

Yes. These can damage the roof since they can lead to wood rot and shingle deterioration. Cleaning the roof frequently can help minimize such damage and prevent you from costly repairs.

What is used to clean roofs?

Though most homeowners who clean their roofs use bleach and water to clean the roof, this is not environmentally friendly. Roof cleaning companies utilize a biodegradable cleaning solution for this task.


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