What is a Soft washing Service, what are the benefits, and why do you need it if you live in Frimley?

What is a Soft washing Service

July 13, 2022

If you’ve ever been curious about how you can clean the exterior of your house, soft washing could be something you can consider.

Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses low-pressure water and chemicals to clean the exterior of houses. A soft washing service therefore would be a company that offers soft washing cleaning services to their clients.

This method of cleaning uses low-pressure water and eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions. Due to this, there are many benefits derived from using this cleaning method. They include preserving the visual appeal of the house, being able to clean hard-to-reach areas, and maintaining a property’s value. The residents of Frimley could need this service due to their climate since affects their households are likely to be affected by mold, mildew, and lichens, all of which soft washing can get rid of.

What is a soft washing service?

A soft washing service is a cleaning service that offers soft washing services to their customers. Soft washing is a method of cleaning the exterior of houses using low-pressure water and cleaning solutions. It is used to remove mold, mildew, bacteria moss, and other microorganisms.

The chemical solutions used in soft washing include;

  • Water- this is used to dilute the concentrated bleach.
  • Surfactant- a surfactant is a compound that lowers the surface tension when added to a liquid. This increases its wetness and spreading properties. In this case, surfactants allow the chemical solutions to penetrate deeply between surfaces to loosen up dirt and mold.
  • Bleach- Bleach is known as a universal cleaner. In this case, it is the primary agent for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces.

Since this method uses low-pressure water, it is the best and most ideal option to clean fragile surfaces, such as windows, glass doors, screens, vinyl siding, and outdoor furniture.

What are the benefits of soft washing?

The following are the benefits you can derive from using the soft washing cleaning method.

Preserve the home’s exterior

Soft washing uses low-pressure water, which preserves the home’s exterior more. Pressure washing uses high-pressure water, which may break fragile surfaces like windows and damage roofs by removing the roof’s coating thus reducing the shine. 

Enjoy a longer-lasting clean

Soft washing uses cleaning solutions, like bleach which kill mold and other microorganisms at their molecular level. This ensures that they will not only be removed from the surface but also not grow back. 

Boost your house’s curb appeal

Soft washing uses a gentle cleaning solution and low-pressure water, which keeps the house’s exterior surface clean and maintains its visual appeal. This ensures the house stays looking attractive and appealing. In case you are looking to sell or rent your house, potential buyers and tenants are more likely to be attracted to your house.

Less labor-intensive than pressure washing

Soft washing uses simpler equipment and needs less expertise. It also needs less set-up time. This saves on time, money, and energy.

Clean hard-to-reach areas

As earlier mentioned, soft washing uses cleaning solutions that can deeply penetrate hard-to-reach areas in your house and get them thoroughly cleaned. The water, despite being low-pressure, can reach up to 50 feet high from the ground, therefore you can even easily clean your roof.

Eco-friendly solutions

The cleaning solutions used in soft washing are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. They will preserve the surface of your house’s exterior and will be safe for your plants if you have any. The bleach used is also safe, since it is highly diluted with water.

Healthier home environment

The mold that grows in the home can have severe effects on the residents, as exposure to mold spores can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. In severe cases, they can worsen asthma symptoms. Soft washing removes mold, therefore the home environment becomes safer and the residents’ health is preserved.

Avoidance of safety hazards and accidents

Compared to pressure washing, soft washing is much safer. This is because the water is sprayed at a lower pressure therefore, is less likely to cause injury to your body in case it comes into contact with you.

Maintenance of property value

As earlier mentioned, soft washing preserves the visual exterior appeal of houses since it thoroughly cleans but preserves surfaces. This ensures that a property’s original value is maintained. In some cases, it may increase the property’s value by improving its visual appeal.

Why do you need soft washing if you live in Frimley?

Frimley is a town in Surrey, England that is approximately 30 miles southwest of central London. Studies have shown that 1 out of 18 houses in England suffers from dampness of some kind, including mold, mildew, and lichens growth.

This is contributed by the damp British climate and constant rainfall. Also, many houses suffer from poor ventilation and regulated heating. During winter seasons, most people will keep their doors and windows closed and keep their indoor heating for long hours to keep away the cold. Due to this, houses are poorly ventilated and warm, which is a perfect recipe for mold growth.

Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low-pressure water and cleaning solutions to clean mold, mildew, and lichens. Therefore, if you live in Frimley, you will most likely face mold issues and will benefit from constant soft washing services.

Summary table of benefits of using soft washing

Features of Soft Washing Benefits derived from particular features of soft washing
1.      Uses low-pressure water ·         Safely cleans fragile surfaces

·         Safe the user, as direct contact with the water, will not cause injury

·         Preserves the visual appeal of the household

2.      Uses bio-degradable and eco-friendly chemicals ·         Preserves the environment

·         Protects the surrounding plants and vegetation

·         Safe to use for household residents and the person administering the safe washing

3.      Uses simple equipment ·         It is cost-effective

·         It is an easily accessible method of cleaning for people from all walks of life

·         Takes less time

·         Less risk of injury to the person administering

4.      Easy to do by oneself ·         Saves on extra costs

·         Gives one the freedom to clean as they’d want to


From the points brought forward, soft washing would be a better and safer option if you are just getting into cleaning the exterior of your house.


What chemicals does soft washing use?

Soft washing uses eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals. Namely, bleach, surfactants, and water.

Is soft washing better than pressure washing?

It depends on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Soft washing is suitable for fragile surfaces such as windows and glass doors, while pressure washing is suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete drive walks and compounds.

Can soft washing damage paint?

No, it cannot. The water is at a soft pressure and the cleaning solutions are highly diluted.

What equipment do you need for soft washing?

You will need a soft wash system. This system includes a tank for holding chemicals, a hose for moving chemicals, a pump, a nozzle to direct the spray, and a trigger gun to control the flow.

Can you do soft washing by yourself?

Yes, you can. However, it is safer, better, and more cost-effective to hire a professional soft washing service to do it for you.

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