Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing: What to get for a house in Ascot

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing: What to get for a house in Ascot

January 18, 2022

Ascot is famous for its racecourse. This is among the most expensive towns in England. The average cost of a house in Ascot is around £1,000,000. Renting property in this town is also not cheap. If you are one of the homeowners residing in the town, you have to maintain the property well to increase its value.

Most homeowners in this town use different techniques to clean their properties. While some prefer soft washing, others go for pressure washing services. Using such equipment can help you get rid of any tough stains and grime around your compound.

Understanding the difference between these two cleaning techniques is important before you get in touch with a company that offers either of them. We can help you by highlighting everything you should know regarding each cleaning technique. Read on.

What is soft washing?

This is an effective method of cleaning that you can use to take care of the exterior of your home. It is done using a soft wash pressure washing machine which is designed to expel water at low pressures. The pressure ranges between 500 and 1000 PSI.

A pressure washing gun is fitted with low-pressure nozzles for soft washing purposes. Soft washing is not very different from using a garden hose though this uses more chemicals and water.

The chemicals used in soft washing can easily get rid of debris and destroy bacteria around your home. It can get rid of such biological elements without harming surfaces. The biodegradable chemical used in soft washing is also not harmful to plants, pets, or people.

If, for instance, you want to clean a wood deck, roof, siding, patio, and fence, you should consider soft washing. Such surfaces do not need a lot of water pressure to get cleaned. Soft washing can also maintain paint for a long time. You can use this method of cleaning on softwood or concrete that is still new.

Introduction to pressure washing

This is also commonly used in exterior cleaning tasks. The pressure washing equipment sprays water in a high PSI ranging between 1300 and 3100. Pressure washing equipment can either be gas-powered or electric-powered. In this case, the pressure is quite high such that it can cut through anything in a second.

Instead of using chemicals or soap, pressure washing only utilizes high pressure and water. You can adjust the pressure of such cleaning equipment depending on the kind of surface you are cleaning. This is possible since most models come with nozzles that allow you to adjust the spray’s shape.

Since pressure washing is harsh on surfaces, you should only use it on concrete surfaces. Such surfaces are porous and hard. This method of cleaning is effective on such surfaces since it can get rid of deep-rooted contaminants within them.

Due to the high strength ratings of pressure washing equipment, it gets rid of stains from surfaces and removes loose paint. You can use it to eliminate loose paint on aluminium or wooden siding. The intense pressure, therefore, makes it highly effective.

The problem with pressure washing is that it can easily damage the surface when improperly used. If you apply intense pressure very close to a surface you are trying to clean; it can tear it up. You should therefore learn how to clean using this method beforehand. If you don’t have the expertise, consider hiring a pressure washing service provider.

So, how do they differ?

Though both pressure washing and soft washing are great methods of cleaning surfaces, they are not the same. Finding out how they differ can help you choose the right one for your home. 

Pressure washing is harsh on surfaces, while soft washing is softer on surfaces. Soft washing is different from pressure washing in that it works at low pressure of around 500 PSI. On the other hand, pressure washing uses high pressure of above 1300 PSI.

Soft washing is also safer, especially on less durable surfaces. If you use pressing washing equipment on such a surface, you can easily damage it. Pressure washing is ideal for hard surfaces such as concrete that are hard to get damaged.

Apart from that, we mentioned that soft washing utilizes chemicals to get rid of dirt on surfaces. You have to keep on getting cleaning solutions for soft washing. On the other hand, pressure washing only relies on high pressure and water.

Due to the pressure difference, soft washing is safer than pressure washing. You have to take special care when using pressure washing equipment at home without professional help. Pressure washing also requires more training and experience compared to soft washing. 

If an inexperienced person uses pressure washing equipment, it can be quite risky. The intense pressure of pressure washing equipment also makes it more effective in cleaning than soft washing. Since soft washing uses low pressure, cleaning certain surfaces can be challenging.

A summary of they compare

Pressure washing Soft washing
Harsh on surfaces Soft on surfaces
The pressure ranges between 1300 and 3100 PSI The pressure ranges between 500 and 1000 PSI
It relies on water and high pressure only Uses biodegradable chemicals
Suitable for hard surfaces Ideal for less durable surfaces
It is not very safe It is safer
The intense pressure makes it more effective at cleaning surfaces The low pressure can make it difficult to clean certain surfaces.

Conclusion: Which one should you get for your house in Ascot?

Getting rid of layers of dirt from your property can improve its appearance. Now that you understand the difference between pressure washing and soft washing, you can choose the right technique for your home. 

If, for instance, you would like to clean walking surfaces or stone pathways, you should go for pressure washing. If you, however, want to clean less durable surfaces such as a wood deck, wood siding, roof, or fence, you should choose soft washing. Click on the link to receive a free soft washing estimate.


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