Roof Cleaning Cost in the UK – Everything You Need to Know

Roof Cleaning Cost in the UK

January 14, 2022

Have you been thinking of ways to make your property look more attractive? If yes, you should consider cleaning the roof. This is the major part of a house that people first notice even before assessing your home.

Roof cleaning is a common activity that many UK residents engage in. It is even more popular among homeowners looking to sell their houses. Cleaning the roof can increase the value of your property. 

Apart from that, you should also engage in this since it can help you get rid of algae and mould that tend to build upon the surface. This can therefore help you save some cash in the long run. 

If you are ready to clean the roof, you should consider hiring professionals that offer this service. Such individuals know the right techniques to clean the roof and have the right tools for the job. Here is more!

How much does cleaning roofs cost in the UK?

The cost of roof cleaning in this country depends on different factors. Some of them include the following. 

Your location

One of the key factors that determine how much you will pay for roof cleaning services is your location. If, for instance, you reside in the capital of the UK, you should expect to pay more to have your roof cleaned. This is because in London, the cost of living is higher than in other places in the UK.  If you stay in any other place in the UK that has a high population, you should also be prepared to pay a bit more for roof cleaning services. The competition between businesses in highly populated areas in the UK is stiff. For instance, a roofing company in London can charge you between £400 and £500 to clean your roof. If you, however, come from a place such as Midlands, you may get cheaper roof cleaning services. In such a region, you may get a roofing company that charges you around £350 to clean the roof. The roof cleaning cost in the UK reduces as you go up north, with prices dropping to £300.

Size of the company

Apart from your location, the size of the company also has an impact on the roof cleaning cost. If, for instance, you hire a large company to clean your roof, you should expect to pay more compared to someone who chooses to work with a small roof cleaning company.

A large roofing company charges more for its services since it has more employees and more expenses. For instance, a one-man roofing company may charge you £500 for roof cleaning. If you choose a medium-sized company to clean your roof, you may be charged around £600. If, for instance, you choose a London-based large roofing company, you may be charged up to £850.

Condition and size of the roof 

As you gauge the cost of roof cleaning, you should also consider the size of your roof. The average cost of roof cleaning ranges between £8 and £11 per square meter. This can help you estimate how much you will be expected to pay based on the roof size. 

Apart from that, roof cleaning companies also consider the condition of a roof to determine how much you will pay. If, for instance, the roof is still in good condition, you may not be charged very much. If you have an old roof that requires repair, getting a company willing to work on it at a low cost can be difficult.

A roof cleaning company can also consider the amount of moss in an old roof to determine how much you have to pay. This is because it may take the workers more time to work on the roof compared to a roof with no moss build-up. 

Type of property

The type of property is also used to determine the cost of roof cleaning. If, for instance, you have a semi-attached property, the cost of roof cleaning can be as low as £350. Roof cleaning companies charge around £800 to work on large detached houses.

Access to the roof

Most roofing companies send cleaners to clients’ homes to assess the roof. They also consider how easy your roof is to access. If the roof is hard to access, this can also affect the price since the roof may need scaffolding. 

Here is a summary of the roof cleaning costs in the UK

In London  £400- £500
In Midland £350
In the northern part of the UK £300
The cost of cleaning roofs based on size Between £8 and £11 per sq. metre
Semi-detached house $450
Large detached property $800

The process of roof cleaning

You first need to choose a good roof cleaning company. Take your time to do some research. Avoid companies that offer very low quotes. You can click on this link to receive a free pressure washing estimate. Now that you understand what it might cost you to have a roof cleaned, you may be curious about how this is done.

Once you choose a good roof cleaning company in the UK, it will first inspect the roof. Cleaners treat roofs differently based on what they are made of. While some roofs are made from tiles, others are made from thatch. Each roof should be cleaned differently.

During the assessment, the cleaner can find out what may be growing in the roof and determine the best way to get rid of it. If the roof shows signs of cracking, a risk assessment is also done. 

They can then use a pressure washer to clean the roof and spray biocide to get rid of any moss on the surface. Apart from focusing on the roof, the cleaner can also work on the gutter. After cleaning the roof, it is left to dry before any sealant or colour is applied. When cleaning a roof, safety is important. A roof cleaner needs a ladder, access platform, and a safety harness. 



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