Gutter Cleaning Cost in the UK – Everything You Need to Know 

Gutter Cleaning Cost in the UK

July 13, 2022

A clogged gutter can result in different sorts of issues for your home, including structural weakening, mould, or even pest infestation. Since it is crucial to clean your gutter often, you may wonder, what is the gutter cleaning cost in the UK? 

Gutter cleaning cost in the UK varies depending on the type of house. The average cost for a small terraced house is approximately £50 per 5m of gutter. The average price is £100 per 15m of gutter for a medium semi-detached house. For a detached 4-bedroom house, the average cost is about £150 per 20m of gutter. The cost is approximately £250 per 15m of gutter for a three-story townhouse. If you want a complex clean with a cherry picker or scaffold, a quote will be needed. Gutter cleaning rates are approximately £18- £25 every hour and £150- £200 per day. 

Keeping an eye on your gutters and cleaning them regularly is key to avoiding undesirable consequences of clogged gutters. Neglecting your gutters can result in water getting in places it should not, such as pouring down the soffit or going to the foundation. The result is parting with thousands of pounds in repair costs. But what is the estimated cost of cleaning your gutters in the UK, what is the importance of cleaning your gutters regularly, what factors affect gutter cleaning cost, and should you hire a professional gutter cleaner or DIY gutter cleaning? Read on to get all this information related to gutter cleaning costs in the UK.

What is the average cost of cleaning your gutters in the UK?

The cost of cleaning gutters in the UK varies depending on the house type. The table below summarizes the cost for the different house types.

House Type Unit Average cost plus VAT
Small terraced house 5 meters of gutter £50
Medium semi-detached 15 meters of gutter £100
Detached four-bedroom house 20 meters of gutter £150
Three story townhouse 15 meters of gutter £250

 It is important to note that these prices are ballpark estimates, and you should get a quote from a professional gutter cleaner to get the exact cost depending on your house type and size.  

Why is it crucial to clean your gutters frequently?

The gutters are installed to collect melting snow and rainwater and guide it away from your home through downspouts. You should do gutter cleaning annually or biannually to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

Frequently clearing your gutters will help prevent;

Fascia and roof damage 

When all rainwater and melting snow cannot drain away, it will gradually damage your roof. The stagnating water will back up under the roof shingles and eventually lead to interior leaking. The damage will significantly reduce your roof’s life span and lead to regular repair work or, in the worst case, replacement of your roof much earlier than if you regularly clean your gutters.

Water from the overflowing gutters will saturate the fascia behind them; eventually, the fascia will rot, allowing water to sip into your home walls. When water leaks into the interior of your house, it will lead to several issues such as; plaster damage, mold growth and electrical problems.

Gutter damage

When gutters are clogged, the caulk and seals will gradually fail, and as a result, joints will start leaking. The extra weight in the gutters due to the accumulation of debris will make them sag, loosen and fall off the house in extreme cases.

Foundation damage 

The gutter overflow runs down your home walls and creates a pool at the base of your house. As the water slowly sips into the foundation and soil around it, the former and the latter will soften. Foundation cracks eventually form and, if left unchecked for a prolonged time, will cause foundation failure.

Unattractive appearance 

Loose or sagging gutters will negatively affect your home’s curb appeal, giving it a neglected appearance.

Factors that determine the gutter cleaning cost

Factors that determine the gutter cleaning cost include;

Type of property 

Houses differ in size and shape. Larger houses are more likely to have more gutters, leading to a higher cost of cleaning. Thus, prices will differ for end-of-terraced, terraced, semi-detached, and detached homeowners.

The height of the guttering system

Gutter cleaning costs increase with height; the higher the height of the system, the higher the cost. The difference might not be that big, but the height of the gutter system is one of the factors considered when calculating the gutter cleaning cost.

Additional work required

Additional work such as replacing leaking parts and cleaning downpipes may arise after the initial inspection of the gutter system. Additionally, inaccessible gutters and the need to replace the entire system will all increase costs.

Should you hire a professional gutter cleaner or DIY gutter cleaning?

Gutter cleaning might be a simple task, but it is recommended that you hire a professional gutter cleaner due to the dangers involved. Additionally, gutter cleaning is carried out annually or biannually, so the cost of hiring a professional is relatively low. Therefore, it is worth paying a professional to do the job for you.


Regularly cleaning your gutters can save you from a bunch of undesirable consequences of clogged gutters and subsequently several thousand pounds for repair. We understand how crucial it is to budget for this kind of work, so we have put together this guide about gutter cleaning costs in the UK and other information you need to know to help you out.


Why should I clean my gutters regularly?

The gutter system protects your house from water damage by ensuring rainwater does not go to places it should not, like the foundation. Thus, cleaning your gutters regularly will prevent blockage and ensure rainwater is guided to the proper drainage system.

How do I know if my gutters need cleaning?

Your gutters will need cleaning if you notice water overflowing from the edges, plants growing in the gutters, signs of pest infestations, such as rodents or bugs, stain marks on the siding due to water build-up, and bent gutters.


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