Affordable Ways to Give Your Home in Frimley a Fresh, New Look

Affordable Ways to Give Your Home in Frimley a Fresh, New Look

January 18, 2022

Frimley is a small town located in Surrey, England. Since the cost of living in this town is not very high, many people have managed to buy land and build homes. If you are a homeowner in Frimley looking to give your home a new look, you can do this easily.

If your living space looks dull and uninspiring, you should think of making changes. You don’t need so much cash to give a home a fresh look.

Here are some of the affordable ways you can give a home in Frimley a fresh new look.

Make changes to the walls

Are the walls of your home all white? You can give the house a fresh new look by painting the walls a different colour. Think about your favourite colour and get the right paint to transform your living space. 

Particular colours are known to add elegance to a home. For instance, you can choose to paint the interior doors grey to make them stand out. You can also paint a focal wall a darker shade compared to the surrounding walls. Using a bold colour on the focal wall can add excitement to the main room. This is a cheap way to make the home look and feel different. 

Some homeowners in Frimley also make their houses look new and fresh by adding wallpaper. You can add temporary wallpaper to the major rooms of your home, such as the sitting area and bedroom. Removable wallpaper is cheap and convenient to use on a wall.

Apart from painting the wall and adding wallpaper, you can also include colourful frames on one of the walls. For instance, you can add framed photos on one of the walls. This can give the room a personal touch. Some homeowners also choose to frame unique posters on a wall to make it stand out. 

If you are an art lover, consider placing your favourite pieces of art on the walls. How you decorate your walls can speak volumes about you. Make use of this extra space in your home to express yourself.

Include lighting

Rather than sticking to the regular lighting fixtures, you should consider adding more light in your home since this can look more visually appealing. For instance, you can get designer light fixtures and place them in strategic areas around your home. You can get such light fixtures since some of the second-hand stores in Frimley sell them.

Apart from light fixtures, you can also add more elegance to your home by getting a floor lamp or table lamp. You can add more lighting in areas such as the kitchen and garden. Placing lights around your garden can make it feel more welcoming. If you spend time with your friends and family around the garden during the warm months, consider hanging some lanterns around the seating area.

Add throw pillows and cushions

These can make the living room feel more comfortable and welcoming. As you look for the right cushions and throw pillows, you should consider the main colour scheme of your living room. Choose throw pillows and cushions that complement the main colour scheme.

Add plants

Plants can also add a fresh vibe to your home. Start looking into affordable indoor plants that you can get for your home. Indoor plants such as areca palm and peace lilies can purify the air. You can add such plants to your sitting room or bedroom. 

Consider placing an orchid around the kitchen area. A spider plant is also a great plant to place in the kitchen since it can help remove allergens and mould from the air. Plants give the home a fresh new look and help lower stress levels. 

Consider hardwood

Have you been using carpeting in your home? Though this can make the floor feel soft and warm, hardwood can make a home look more elegant. You can switch to hardwood flooring without spending a lot of cash. Hardwood not only adds aesthetic value to your home but can also last longer.

Pay attention to the different forms of wood. Go for a dark colour since it has a more luxurious feel. Apart from hardwood flooring, you can make certain rooms more elegant by adding a few rugs. Rugs around the bedroom can define the space and make it feel warm. Consider the patterns and colour of rugs during purchase and place them in strategic areas.

Do a deep clean

This can also give the home a new and fresh look. You can work on different parts of the home one at a time. For instance, if you have rugs, make use of a steam cleaner to eliminate odours and stains on them. Focus more on rooms that accumulate dirt, such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

Take your time to dust the furniture and clean the windows to encourage more light penetration in different rooms. Do not only focus on the interior and overlook the exterior. If you don’t have enough time or expertise to clean different areas, consider hiring professional soft washing services.

Such professionals can help you clean areas such as the deck or patio. Click on the link to receive a free softwashing estimate. Giving your home and its surroundings a deep clean can greatly improve curb appeal.

Apart from deep cleaning the home, you should also declutter it. A home with minimal clutter looks better than one full of unorganized stuff everywhere. Use storage spaces to put away most of the things you don’t use regularly. 

A summary of how to give your home in Frimley a fresh new look

Deep clean Clean different areas, including the windows, dust the furniture, clean the rugs and work on the exterior too.
Work on the walls Add new paint, temporary wallpaper, or framed posters or photos
Add lighting Get light fixtures or lanterns for your home
Add plants Different plants can make the house look lively and purify the air
Consider hardwood Change the flooring of your home to make it appear more elegant
Throw pillows and cushions This can make the living space feel more comfortable.


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