5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Professional Window Cleaning services in Bracknell

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Professional Window Cleaning services in Bracknella

January 14, 2022

Many people that own homes in Bracknell look for ways to make their living spaces sparkle. One of the ways in which the residents of Bracknell improve their properties’ curb appeal is by getting their windows cleaned by professionals. This not only leaves the home looking good, but it can also increase the amount of light in a home.

The light can make your home look and feel more welcoming. Cleaning the windows can be an overwhelming task for most people. If you don’t have the time to do this, you should consider hiring professional window cleaning services in Bracknell. This town has a lot of companies that offer such services.

They can save your time and money. You should take your time to compare companies that offer professional window cleaning services. Prepare a list of crucial questions that you should ask a company you are planning to hire. This can help you clear any doubts that you may have before hiring such services.

Some of the questions you can ask before hiring such services in Bracknell include the following.

Are they insured and licensed?

This is one of the crucial things that you should not overlook when hiring professional window cleaning services. Window cleaning professionals should have a valid license and be ready to share such documents with clients.

Insurance is also important since window cleaning has certain risks. There are two forms of insurance that they should pay attention to, including liability insurance and worker’s compensation. If, for instance, a contractor gets injured while cleaning your windows and they are insured, you may have to pay for their medical bills. 

If they cause damage to your property and they are not insured, you may not get compensated. Avoid choosing a window cleaning service provider that lacks proper documentation.

Do they have references?

Before you hire professional window cleaning services, you should also ask this question. This can help you distinguish between a reputable company and one that is not. A reputable company in Bracknell will be happy to offer a list of references and client testimonials. Ensure you do some research before hiring window cleaning professionals.

You can, for instance, check their website and social media pages. On their website, find out whether the company provides a testimonial section. You should also find out what previous customers say regarding the professionals so that you can choose a trustworthy company that will not disappoint. Feel free to talk to a company’s previous clients during your search. This can help you hire the best professionals who offer window cleaning services.

Research can also give you insights into how the company works, the value they offer, and their rates. You can click on this link to receive a free pressure washing estimate. As you go through customer reviews, you may come across some negative ones.

As long as the positive reviews are more than the negative ones, you should avoid judging a company too soon based on a few negative reviews. This is because a company can’t please every client.

How do they ensure that their employees are safe?

There is always the risk of a worker falling off a ladder during window cleaning. Research shows that such accidents often take place in private residences. Some windows that are hard to access require climbing. 

Therefore, a professional window cleaning service provider needs to be keen on safety. A good company that offers window cleaning service should take its employees through safety training. Before hiring these services, you can ask the company the safety measures that it takes when handling this task. 

Most reputable companies that offer professional window cleaning services welcome such conversation and are willing to share more on their safety protocols with potential clients. You can even find out the kind of products they use to clean windows. A good company should use organic and eco-friendly window cleaning products that are safe for the environment.

What other services does the company offer?

You should also find out if the company you want to hire for window cleaning offers any other extra services. For instance, you can find out whether the company focuses on both exterior and interior window cleaning. Find out whether it has power washing options or whether it offers gutter cleaning. 

Windows tend to build up dirt from blinds easily. Therefore, you can find out whether the professionals you want to hire also offer blind cleaning. If they do ask for the extra cost, you have to pay for this service. If they don’t, ensure you clean the blinds before the date of the window cleaning services. 

You can also ask if the company includes moving furniture and other fragile items as part of the window cleaning services. Moving such items before professional window cleaning can minimize the risk of accidents occurring.

If the company offers such services, you should ask for the extra fee that they charge. Working with a company that offers more than one service can help you get a lower rate for multiple services.  

When can they start?

If you have found the right professional window cleaning service providers in Bracknell, you should find out when they can start the job. Though such professionals are often busy, they should be flexible and offer their services at a convenient time.

The key features that a good professional window cleaning service provider should have

Licensing and insurance This is a sign of professionalism
Employee safety They should take employees through safety training
References This shows that the company is reliable
Other services Apart from window cleaning, they may also be offering blind cleaning
Flexibility  The company should be ready to work at your convenient time.


Cleaning the interior and exterior of windows is not an easy job for everyone. If you don’t like it, consider hiring professional window cleaning services. Asking such questions can help you pick great professionals for this task.


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